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    Terms and Conditions:

    1.  Kindly don’t share institute policy with Student/clients.
    2. 70% of total fees salon will get.
    3. 30% of total fees academy will get.
    4. Total fees collected by either parties will show the receipt to each other.
    5. Course will end on Its specific duration that will be offer start date to end date .
    6. Teacher will be responsible to finish the course according to pattern of his/her own strategy.
    7. It is Teacher’s responsibilities to complete the entire course i.e. Hair styling, Hair cutting, Makeup and  Skin care.
    8. Institute will not give more days to continue this course , its teacher responsibility how to take it.
    9. Teacher’s Behavior should be Friendly and Polite towards students.
    10. If any course takes more days, teacher will clear the students so they will pay extra charges according to grace days.

    Institute will not offer more than three hour in normal training.

    1. Academy will provide student card.
    2. To arrange a special class, teacher must inform institute(authority) or                        to a concern person.
    3. Before 10 Days of Completion, the Course teacher will  inform to Authority to manage a certificate.
    4. Teacher will not offer the students any products regarding the course    like makeup and other accessories of this course.

    Classes conducted on  Monday to Friday only.

    1. In emergency teacher should be responsible to inform institute other wise Academy is responsible to any miss convenience.
    2. If Teacher require any thing he/she should inform a week before
    3. Kindly ignore any irrelevant discussion during class time.

    Agree to terms & conditions