About Us

We International Teachers Academy ®  

Established in 2012.

We, as professionals understand the current needs for finding that “RIGHT JOB”. Today only those people are able to climb the corporate stairs that have an edge to their degree. A foreign degree provides to that particular edge and gives you international exposure. We as a profound consultancy firm can help you find that edge to your degree by helping you with your admission to visa and selecting the right country for you for your foreign study. We are determined to achieve excellence and provide you with the best services available in the market. So visit us today for a free consultancy session so that we can guide you towards your brighter future.

By the passage of time, the tendency to get higher study from abroad has been increased in our country due to better & advance education system in developed countries. In this concern we guide our students and find the world best institutions for their study, we expect more than 100 students at any admission date to different countries, due to the above facts; we are in search of world best institutions for higher study.

The evolution International Teachers Academy has been distinguished by the quality, commitment and enthusiasm of its staff which is highly qualified academics and industry professionals.

International Teachers Academy prides itself in being among the top quality education advisors and consultants within Pakistan. We assure our students/partner institutes that they would always find us more than their expectations & first line advisor/team member.

Future Expansion of Offices in Pakistan:

Services for World

We offer our admission services to students from all parts of the world including Asian & African countries. Students send us their inquiries by email or by filling a short query form available in “contact us” section of the website and sending scan copy of their educational documents. We send educational documents checklist to students if we need any additional documents for admission into a specific university/college. We also help in visa documentation for our overseas students.

Method of Marketing

We start our campaign before five months of any admission date, we use the following ways: –
1. Admission notice on notice boards of different colleges & universities.
2. Conducting countrywide seminars at colleges and universities.
3. Advertise in the press or other media; send letters to interested students, their families, Colleges, clubs for introducing the college / university to them.
4. Banners in front of our offices regarding conducting of seminars and date of admissions.
5. Postal letters to students regarding study news, seminars and admission dates to different institutions.
6. Email to countrywide mailing groups regarding study news and seminars and admission dates.
7. Meetings with college and universities professors and dean regarding higher study to abroad for their students.

Duties Which We Perform
1. Promote actively the interests of the Colleges / universities in Pakistan.
2. Respond to all Colleges / universities inquiries quickly and effectively.
3. Receive promotional material from the College / University and distribute it to students.
4. Respond to student inquiries effectively.
5. Meet students and discuss problems relating to their studies and give advice accordingly.
6. Give any assistance to interested students in submitting their applications to the specific college in specific country.
7. Receive applications with all necessary documents and fees and dispatch them to the College by Courier or other appropriate means so as to arrive in the specific college / university in due time.
8. Deliver the documents sent by college / university to students including certificates of admission, guidelines for studies, registration and visa documents etc.


Training Center for IELTS & Spoken English Courses:

We have our own language center “International Teachers Academy” for following courses so that our students can meet the requirements of admission for their higher study abroad.
2. Spoken English
3. Foundation English